Theatre Royal Stratford East
Opening Night
The lovely Allyson Ava-Brown has been giving us the inside scoop during the rehearsals for Martina Cole’s Dangerous Lady and now that they’re up and running here she is again with the latest update from behind the scenes…
Hello all!
I hope and trust you are all well!
Just wanted to keep you updated on how things are going in the land of Dangerous Lady.
We are now Dangerously close to press night! A night that strikes terror in every actor! Ha ha!  As I write we have just finished the third preview. Each preview has been completely different and as we are using the days to iron out any technical or story related issues we have had a different focus each night. The last couple of rehearsals and performances I have been quite technically minded i.e focussing on any changes made during rehearsal etc so tonight I just wanted to have fun and play and not let nerves or pressure take over. I thoroughly enjoyed this evenings show and so did the rest of the cast. I think sometimes when a play gets to this stage when rehearsal hours are long and every detail is discussed to the nth degree, (which is essential) you just want to get out there and live the play!
Tonight’s audience were incredibly responsive! It was almost an interactive experience which made it as entertaining for us as it hopefully was for them! It was like a Pentecostal church without the hallelujahs! 
The great thing about working at the Theatre Royal is that there is a lovely bar downstairs so it gives us a chance to mingle with the audience and find out what their thoughts are on the piece. It’s something that is quite unique and special to this theatre. You get to share the experience with your audience rather than just play at them. Plus they serve amazing food in the restaurant/bar. What more could you want on a night out?! Although with the jeans I am wearing in this show I will be leaving the feasting until the very last day when I can give way to ultimate indulgence! (Let’s just say breathing is optional in those jeans!)
So far the feedback has been good. This project is really dear to all of us and we want to use every preview to get it right and ready for when we officially open. Plus, it was Martina’s first book and means a lot to her and we want to do her novel justice and serve her story well.
Tomorrow is gala night which we are all looking forward to. It’s a special night prior to press night to celebrate Martina’s 20 years of publishing books! Audience members will receive signed copies of Martina’s novels and there will be a champagne reception with Martina and a post show discussion with the cast afterwards. Plus VIP treatment all night! (That’s not us, that’s our lovely audience!)  It’s nice to have a celebratory night before we open as it is quite a high pressure time so any chance to celebrate is a welcome relief! 
Costumes are ready, the Champagne is ready and hopefully we’ll be ready to enjoy this run! 
Hope to catch up with you soon and keep you updated as we run!
God bless!
Allyson xxx
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